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This is our contractor news page that we update regularly with the construction work we are doing on an ongoing basis. The topics are organized by year, date and then the description of the post. Just click on the date to go to the entry. In these entries, we provide a lot of photos and descriptions and explanations of the work we are doing. To receive our latest news automatically, you can subscribe to our news feed:

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2021 Blog Entries

Date Description
2/28/2021 Let's review the slab preparation, pour, finishing and basement wall framing of this large custom home.

2020 Blog Entries

Date Description
12/15/2020 In the spring we started this 4700 SQF home in Bonners Ferry. Let's discuss and see the planning, infrastructure, excavation and development so far.
5/31/2020 Photos and description of lake view custom shop with second level apartment. Covered deck and RV parking.

2019 Blog Entries

Date Description
9/8/2019 Photos and video of the major home addition we just completed in Laclede on the river.
7/8/2019 We build year-round. Exterior siding installation and interior concrete in winter.
4/11/2019 Building a custom home and integrating it into an existing home and extensive deck.

2018 Blog Entries

Date Description
11/10/2018 Pictures and a description of a concrete stepped foundation for a building on a slope.
9/9/2018 We show in pictures and video a recently completed guest house over garage.
1/13/2018 Framing details and siding installation on this riverside new construction.

2017 Blog Entries

Date Description
10/29/2017 Foundation construction, slab and foundation waterproofing in detail.
9/24/2017 Our latest project is a small custom home over a garage on the Pend Oreille River.
7/16/2017 We have completed the excavation, foundation, framing and exterior finish of this new Garfield Bay home.
3/21/2017 Cabin demolition in preparation for new construction at Garfield Bay. A plan rendering.

2016 Blog Entries

Date Description
9/12/2016 A photo and description tutorial of housewrap, window, trim and siding installation.
8/3/2016 A video walk-through of the electrical rough-in for out-of-state homeowners of a garage/apartment.
6/16/2016 An update on wall framing, second level framing, truss framing.
6/2/2016 Photos and video of ground plumbing, slab preparation, placement and finishing and the start of framing.
5/17/2016 Water line, electrical service entrance, and french drain installation.
5/11/2016 We describe the construction details of a recently completed concrete foundation.
5/3/2016 Building locating, site preparation, road building and excavation for a new garage with apartment near Bonners Ferry, Idaho.
4/26/2016 Video of the newly completed 1700 SQF custom home called "Meadow Home" in Careywood.
3/5/2016 Video of the newly completed shop with guest quarters near Clark Fork, Idaho.

2015 Blog Entries

Date Description
12/18/2015 We are making good interior and exterior finish progress on a new, custom home in Careywood.
10/30/2015 We show some photos of our interior finish progress on the guest quarters in the large Clark Fork shop.
9/10/2015 Asphalt roofing installation. An examination of ice and water shield and underlayment.
9/03/2015 We examine the design and framing of a custom home in Careywood.
7/10/2015 We completed a covered porch ceiling with custom milled battens and rough sawn plywood.
6/9/2015 Framing of a 40 x 95 shop with apartment in Clark Fork. The plywood vs. OSB debate.
5/1/2015 Foundation construction - vapor retarders, french drains, foundation damp proofing.
4/10/2015 Concrete foundations. We explain footers, stem walls and slab prep.
3/15/2015 We are starting our 2015 season excavating for a large shop in Clark Fork.

2014 Blog Entries

Date Description
12/21/2014 We look at a garage frame we are currently doing for a homeowner.
11/18/2014 We look at our latest deck, a Trex deck, and we discuss foundations for decks.
10/20/2014 We examine and discuss good drainage practices around buildings.
09/01/2014 Our Woodmizer sawmill allows us to cut custom lumber for Clients.
07/15/2014 New construction heavy timber carport in Spirit Lake.
06/01/2014 Culture Stone retaining wall and beach construction.
03/18/2014 A new project - interior finish of an unusual home remodel.
03/08/2014 We have just completed this beautiful new home in Sagle, ID. Photos!
02/13/2014 We examine the guts of a new tile shower, including framing and waterproofing

2013 Blog Entries

Date Description
12/31/2013 A month away from completion on this home, we review finish details.
11/07/2013 We examine the use of Cedar Shingles for exterior siding.
09/26/2013 Installing Milgard vinyl windows in a Sandpoint home.
09/25/2013 We have just installed Certainteed asphalt shingles on this Sagle home.
08/10/2013 Review of design, concrete, framing, hydronics for new Sagle home.
07/05/2013 Completion of a new shop with guest quarters on the river.
06/26/2013 We have commenced with excavation for a new Sagle area home.
05/14/2013 The beauty and budget friendliness of Formica 180FX countertops.
04/14/2013 Budget friendly, proper construction techniques for a tile tub surround.
03/23/2013 Construction progress on new shop with guest quarters upstairs.
02/21/2013 Pictures of interior trim and wood floor installation - Sandpoint addition.
01/18/2013 Pictures and details of a master tile shower with Kerdi waterproofing
01/17/2013 Detailed cross sections of the Kerdi shower system for tile showers.
01/16/2013 Traditional tile shower construction using pan liner and clamping drain.

2012 Blog Entries

12/18/2012 Photos and description of a total home remodel in Sandpoint