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After we rolled the main trusses up and installed and braced them, we built the second floor subfloor, including the 10' span of floor joists between one girder truss and the next, in which space the two shed dormers contianing the kitchen, stairwell and bathroom will exist. Our efforts have been hampered by rain and wind, but we have managed to sheet the entire exterior walls with 1/2" CDX plywood after framing all 2nd floor walls and installing a different set of trusses in the shed dormer area.

We have also installed the caps on the other trusses. They were delivered with flat tops due to their overall height and the need to transport them on roads and under overpasses. The next step for us is framing in the roof area, which will include the gable end lookouts to carry the 2' roof overhangs, the barge rafters on the gable ends, and then we will cut all of the tails and install subfascia and fascia, which will be stained 2x8 rough sawn Cedar. There are a lot of framing details, including backing for drywall, backing for soffitt and backing for cabinets, sinks, stair railing and other areas where you want something solid behind the future drywall.