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We recently completed a renovation of a small home on Pine Street in Sandpoint. Before we started, this home had terrible decay from moisture damage. Damage included completely rotten sill plates, rim joists, ends of the floor joists at their bearing point, bottom plates of the wall framing, and in many cases the bottom ends of studs were rotten. Molds were ever present throughout the wall cavities. This blog documents some of the damage and repairs done this past summer 2012. Subsequent to repairing the damage and after creating a home design that gave the home a new 6/12 pitch roof, 18" overhangs, and a new 56 SQF mudroom that houses the laundry machines and the water heater, we began construction of the changes.

Included in the remodel were new windows, new lighting and new siding. Some might wonder why we wouldn't just tear a house like this down and build anew. The reality is that before we began demolition, we had no idea how extensive the rot was. We did open up some wall cavities before we estimated the job, but most of the rot and serious structural problems only became apparent after we tore off the siding and accessed the rim joist and floor joists of the home from the exterior - the home does not have a useable crawlspace that allowed us to thoroughly assess the condition before demolition. Also, all told, the total completed budget for this job was way below what it would have cost to demolish and build all new. Also, we saved a lot of material that would have otherwise gone to the landfill, and we preserved the historic character of this older home. The home is now extremely functional in relation to modern standards, is incredibly energy efficient with raised heel roof framing and R49 cellulose insulation in the attic, and the workflow of the floor plan is functional and aesthetically pleasing. Also, since the owner got this house and lot in foreclosure, they still have a wonderful small home for a great overall price.

The results are remarkable, and so I will let the pictures tell the story. Here is the home before we did any repairs or commenced the remodel:

Here is the home when we had to open it up to remove the bath fixtures and completely gut the floor and wall framing due to complete rot:

Here is the home after we buttoned up the rot repair and before we removed the roof and roof framing:

Then, we removed the roof and framing:

And, here is the home after the remodel, street side view:

And, street side view showing the gable end:

And, a view of the back of the home showing the new mudroom. This is the same view as above of the wall torn open during demolition: