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Sandpoint Timber Frame Barn

Timber Frame Barn Construction in Sagle, Idaho

Scott Herndon Homes was the designer and contractor of this 1200 SQF timber frame barn/storage building. The building is 30 feet by 40 feet and has an 8/12 pitch gable roof, which is conventionally stick framed on a 6x full dimension circular and band sawn Doug Fir timber frame structure placed on concrete piers and a small stem wall for the secure tack room.

There is some confusion about what a timber frame building is versus post and beam. We do both types of buildings, but the difference is this - timber framing involves creating framed structures of heavy timber jointed together with historical pegged mortise and tenon joints. It is an old craftsman specialty that yields a beautiful building with lots of tradition. It requires great skill and is a time consuming process since each timber member may have multiple joints that need to be laid out and created with specialized tools. Post and beam construction involves heavy timbers joined with steel straps, bolts and nails. It is usually far less time consuming to build than a timber frame but can yield beautiful results as well.

The timbers for this timber frame barn were obtained onsite and from Specialty Beam in Heron, MT. We have our own Wood Mizer LT40 portable sawmill that was was used to create some of the timbers for the frame from trees felled on this homeowner's property. The timber frame joinery was completed by our craftsman on site in about 5 weeks.

Woodmizer sawmill

For this building we framed the timbers on poured concrete piers and the secure tack room on a traditional concrete stem wall and footer.

barn timberframe

timberframe bent

After a few bents were erected, it was time to set some of the 20' beams to tie those together:

timberframe beams

The tack room was a typical stick frame, though custom milled frame members were used. The crafstman can be seen in the following photo using a chain mortiser on a timber:

timberframe chain mortiser

After 5 weeks of careful craftsmanship, the main timberframe is completed on site:

completed timberframe

timberframe joinery

The roof frame was a traditional rafter stick frame installed on the timberframe beams:

roof framing

roof framing photo

Then, a typical 5-ply CDX plywood roof deck was installed, and the building was ready for asphalt composition roofing:

CDX plywood roof deck

An interior view of things as the roofing delivery truck is on site delivering shingles to the roof deck:

barn interior frame

After roofing was installed, it was time to install windows and siding:

window installation

Then, siding was installed:

barn siding

barn siding photo

Following are several photos of the completed timberframe barn:

timberframe barn completed photo

barn interior photo

barn interior photo

barn interior photo

barn interior photo