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Scott Herndon Homes is a Sandpoint, Idaho custom home builder and general contractor.

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License #RCE-23321.

Check our blog for the latest news and projects, including the following recent entries:

2/28/2021 - Let's review the slab preparation, pour, finishing and basement wall framing of this large North Idaho custom home.

12/15/2020 - Since the spring we have been working on a 4700 SQF custom home in Bonners Ferry. Let's talk about the origins of this project, the planning, the infrastructure and the excavation and development.

5/31/2020 - Heading into this past winter we started and finished a lake view custom shop that contained a second level apartment and elevated covered deck. It also has covered RV parking.

9/8/2019 - Every time we finish a major project, I put up lots of photos and a video, which is what you will find in this entry on the major home addition we recently completed on the river in Laclede.

7/8/2019 - We build year-round in North Idaho. In this latest blog entry of a custom home's progress, we show you the mid-winter siding installation and the interior garage concrete.


Scott Herndon Homes has been serving North Idaho in the Sandpoint area since 2005. We are a quality design and build company. Your satisfaction is our priority. Please see what our clients have to say about us!

Watch our latest video to meet the builder, Scott Herndon, and find out some of the features of a recent project:

What Makes Us Different

We care about quality, and we study to know what quality is, and we can explain it to you.  We also care about you, your expectations and your budget, and we strive to communicate well with you and to help you meet your goals in the construction of your project. North Idaho is a challenging weather climate for building design and engineering, and we have 13 years of experience building in this climate to know what methods perform the best over the long term for your building's endurance and longevity.

We have studied every aspect of home design, site planning, engineering and construction, and we bring that expertise to every phase of your project.  We are dedicated to every aspect of your new construction, remodel, addition, deck, outbuilding, or home repair, ensuring that the results meet your highest expectations.

We use the latest proven technologies for engineering, energy efficiency, and waterproofing, when and where it makes economic and application sense.  And, we install all of the products that go into your home according to the product manufacturers' recommendations to ensure the product works and that you receive full warranty coverage.

Since our own crews have participated in every aspect of residential construction, from excavation to electrical to tiling, we have the experience to adjust the designs and plans for your home, ahead of time, to take the best advantages of cost and efficiency savings through each phase of your project.

We also have the expertise to ensure that your project performs to the highest standards, from indoor air quality to the integrity of your mechanical and engineering systems.  We closely supervise each phase of your project to ensure each step meets or exceeds building codes.  Specifically, we use the latest edition of Means Residential & Light Commercial Construction Standards plus industry standards and manufacturer recommendations.

Our lead contractor, Scott Herndon, has a bachelor's degree in Finance from Arizona State University, and having worked a previous career in finance and accounting, he understands the financial numbers behind the building and can use this expertise to help you meet your financial goals while obtaining the home, shop, barn or renovation you desire. 

There are several good quality builders in the Sandpoint area. Among the highest quality builders, we believe the primary drivers for your selection of a builder will be economic, schedule and personality fit. We hope you will give us an opportunity to review your planned project with the possibility of becoming your custom builder.

Contact information:

Phone (208) 610-2680

What We Do

New Construction:  Single and multi-family home construction.  Let us build your home, shop, greenhouse, garage, or barn.  Our stick frame crew will frame your building level, plumb and square.  We also employ timber frame craftsmen for beautiful, traditional pegged joinery of large timbers, and our log subcontractor can build your log home or log accents.

Remodels and Additions:  Now is an excellent time to invest in your home with an upgrade or an update.  We specialize in new finishes, room additions, adding a new skin or a new roof!  We can design your changes on our Chief Architect software, allowing you to walk through your future home in 3D.  This is a superior way to ensure you know exactly what the design results of your improvements will be before construction begins.

Decks:  Attached, covered, uncovered, concrete, stone, wood or composite decking.  A jacuzzi or a built-in barbecue, we can do it all.


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